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Leaders stretched to breaking point


A leader has an idea. After much thought and innovative activity the idea becomes a reality: a business is born. It begins to grow. The flow of information requiring consideration, the number of problems requiring solutions increases.

Their position relative to the business changes. No longer on the ‘outside’ of the business building, developing and growing the dream, they are sucked into it, doing the work.

Recognising that they need help they recruit a team. The team needs direction, training, advice and management. The demands on the leader increase.


External forces such as political change, economic upheaval, demands by wider society, changes to legislation, problems with technology and events in the environment such as snow, tsunamis or volcanos in Iceland add their unique pressures. Competitors steal business, customers demand more, suppliers provide less, substitute services dilute the market.

Demands on the entrepreneur take the shape of a “funnel”: Large volumes forced into limited capacity. Demand increases. Pressure rises. Decisions are delayed. Mistakes are made. Problems multiply. Overload happens.