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Broken or non-existent processes


Increasing demand to process the information required to run the business and deliver its services or products to customers is forced into the limited capacity of a leader.

Growth in sales or production outputs is frequently unmatched by the structured development of Business Administration Capacity[1]. Systems are organic and reactive.

Resources are recruited to address the problem. Training is limited. New staff receive a brief introduction. Left to “get on with the job” they either create new solutions to problems they face or they “import and adjust” solutions they’ve used previously[2].


The leader is unaware. Business Administration Fragmentation has begun.

Think of a computer hard drive. Following an extended period of intensive use the cluttered computer finds it increasingly difficult to locate space in which to store files. It fragments them in order to put them away.

Locating data on the computers hard drive becomes increasingly difficult. Soon it becomes impossible. The fragmented hard drive grinds to a halt.

In the same way businesses with fragmented processes eventually fail.

Fragmentation stunts growth.

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